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Many Companies Without An Ad Agency, and Many Companies With An Agency, Wonder "What Does An Ad Agency Do?"

We provide the widest variety of services of virtually any ad agency, anywhere.

If You Have An Advertising Agency

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If You Have An Advertising Agency

Are You Asking Any/All of the Following Questions?

  1. Is My Current Ad Agency Providing All of the “Bells and Whistles” They Promised When We Started?
  2. Is What I’m Receiving From My Current Ad Agency, At Least Equaling What I’m Spending?
  3. Does My Ad Agency Really Care About The Outcome Of Their Work For My Business?


If You Already Have An Advertising Agency, And You’re Asking Any of The Above Questions, Or Other Questions, Please Contact Us. You’ll Always Get MORE Service, For A Much Lower Price, Than From Virtually ANY Ad Agency In The United States. The Price We Provide, For the amazing amount of work we do, will amaze you.

Print Ads/Graphics

If you need Graphic Designs, or Print Ads Designed, Please Contact Us Today. We’ll discuss the Printing needs of your business today.

Video Advertising

Our Specialty is Video Advertising In Your Business. We Particularly Work on TV Screen Placement Within Your Business Locations, Promoting Your Products and Services To Your Customers, Onsite. Read More

Audio Advertising

From Radio Advertising, in-store promotions to on-hold advertising, we've got you covered! We guarantee the audio ads we produce will deliver a professional listening experience. Read More!

Video Advertising Services We Do Everything Including:

  • Installation

    Installation of TV Screens and Equipment ( which we provide, free of charge ! Yes – WE pay for the TV Screens And Equipment)

  • Unlimited Creation

    Unlimited Creation of All Advertising, ALWAYS, As A Part Of Your Monthly Video Advertising Package ( Yes- We Create ALL Video Ads Promoting Your Business. We do ALL of the work)

  • Internet Enabled Screens

    Video Advertising Screens Are “Internet-Enabled” So – Your Screen Contains Advertising, Weather, Scrolling News, And Dozens of Other Choices. People WILL watch your screens, due to Our Massive Amount of Content Available

  • Equipment Maintenance

    Maintenance of Equipment. At No Charge.

All for One Low, Monthly Per-Location Price

What Do You Need To Do?

Just Say Yes. We do Everything Else!

Audio Advertising Services

  • Radio

    Radio Commercials For Your Business, Providing A Unique Voice and Sound In Your Radio Market. We Write The Scripts and Provide The Audio.

  • On Hold Advertising

    On-Hold Advertising . It’s simply advertising that airs when your customers are “On Hold”. As We do With Everything Else, We Provide All The Work. We write the scripts and produce the Audio. We make sure the audio sounds perfect on your phone system too. All for One Monthly, Per Location Price. Various Low-Price Packages are available.

Man recording an advertisement on the radio station.

The BAM! Team

The Goal of Our BAM ! Team of Specialists, Is To Improve The Look, Design and Overall Shopping Experience of Your Brick and Mortar Retail Business (Thus the “BAM ! Team name) No, not by remodeling, But by providing insight into ways to provide advice on a better look and feel to your existing location. Make it more inviting for the  consumer, and  create a  location where consumers want to return to shop again and again. All without spending a significant amount of money – because you are not remodeling – you’re simply “re-shaping” the look of your store.

Motivational Speaking

Public Speaking

Positive Employee Attitude Training

We feature a group of speakers, who will inspire your team of employees with a new attitude about your business.

We create a “feel” where there’s a brighter future at YOUR business, by providing focus on improving employees' outlook. Thus – if 45 out of 50 employees feel great about going to work each day, they keep each other inspired. What happens? Employee turnover disappears, and each employee inspires another. Excitement abounds. Ask us about visiting your location, and providing more excitement and inspiration than you’ve seen in years, if ever.

How To Get In Touch

PO Box 227 Rio Grande, Ohio 45674



(Tim Maxwell,  President)

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