About Us

Thanks for visiting our website! Here are some basics about our company:

After two decades in All Forms of Broadcasting, I started Great Advertising Factory in 1998.

Our goal was to provide better, in-person service than anyone in the United States.

We believe that seeing and knowing our clients, visiting their locations, and knowing their employees, is vital to having a great relationship, that lasts years and years.

Many of our clients have worked with us since the early years after our founding. Additionally, we continually work to develop new relationships with additional clients, whether their business has existed for 50 years, or is brand-new.

So, what do we do?

Virtually everything.

First, a description of our advertising services :

1. All forms of Video Services, from video advertising that airs on screens within your business to filming video podcasts about your business ( plus some other truly great video podcast services that will grow the success of your business, and your company’s standing in your region). These video podcasts can air anywhere and everywhere, including on your website and on your social media pages.

2. All forms of Audio, from On Hold Advertising, promoting your company’s services while callers are “ On-hold”, to top-notch radio commercials, featuring some of the best voices in the nation.

3. Printing Design/Graphics Design, Including Brochures, Print Ads, and Ads for Internet Use, Including on Social Media Pages.

4. Media Buying Services. We Work Closely with Media Representatives in Traditional Advertising including Billboards, TV, Radio, Newspaper, and more. Additionally, We Provide Services To Help With Your Social Media Needs. Our goal is to save you significantly on ALL advertising. In the end, with the savings we can generate on your advertising costs, the costs of the services provided by OUR company, often have a NET COST of “zero – or better”!

5. WE CREATE PROMOTIONS for your business. Yes, advertising, including the services listed above, is vital. But the PROMOTIONAL portion of your advertising MUST stand out. Our goal: To develop unique advertising, which will make consumers in your area ALWAYS remember your business as their FIRST CHOICE. We ALSO create neat, and sometimes humorous, events, that consumers will talk about for years….and by doing so, they’ll be thinking about and talking about YOUR BUSINESS for years as well.

The Extras :

6. We actually travel to your locations, to work with your employees, to discuss how to better communicate, to your clients, your company’s products and services. It’s essentially Sales Training, to enhance the efforts of your employees' interaction with your customers. Your employees become MORE important than ever, by working with your consumer base, and by increasing sales of your products and services.

7. Motivational/Public Speaking. We actually visit your region, to provide positive, public speaking seminars ( that typically last from 60-90 minutes). The event is SPONSORED by YOUR BUSINESS, and every business in your region is invited to attend. There are several topics, including: “How To Take Business To The Next Level”

Why is this important? Because YOUR Business becomes the leader in your region, at working to STRENGTHEN the SUCCESS of your region.

Yes – we are the positive speakers. But YOUR BUSINESS is the backbone of making the event happen!

What is the Price, For The Best Advertising Services In The Nation ? You’ll be amazed at our pricing structure. Here’s why :

  • We own a business too.
  • Our goal, when creating pricing for our services,
    is to ONLY charge, what WE would pay, if WE were YOUR business.

Contact us today.

We’ll Visit with you, in-person at your company’s offices, to discuss everything we do…and yes, our visit is free, wherever you are in the United States.

Please also click the link below, to see my background/bio as the founder of the company, including pictures. If THAT doesn’t make you click on the link, I don’t know what will!

Thanks for your time!
Tim Maxwell, CEO
Great Advertising Factory
Email: tim@greatadfactory.com
Phone: 717-793-0882